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Social Program

  Social Program

Dear Participants,

We are sending you the Social Program of the Congress. We tried to combine the tight schedule of the Scientific Program with the opportunity to enjoy the rich cultural heritage of the Larissa area. An area where the Centaurus Chiron (mentor for the art of medicine) lived, the Argonauts started their journey for Colchis returning back with Medea, the famous healer and sorcerer. Moreover, the place where Asclepios was born and Hippocrates died and Christianity later founded some of its most important shrines. In order to achieve it, a novelty was introduced. During the Lunch Breaks of Friday and Saturday a light lunch will be offered and you can nip into it on your via bus transport; the first day to the modern Diachronic Larissa Museum full of artifacts spanning from 2.500 years BC till the 19th century, and the second day visiting the reputable Hippocrates’ Tomb. Both visits are free of charge.
Also, there are scheduled two tours to Meteora, the one of the top five highlights in Greece and an UNESCO Monument, medieval cluster of several monasteries still functioning, housing an abundance of religious and artistic treasures. All of them on the top of the “Rocky city” of Thessaly, a geological phenomenon.
You can visit the site in the web: HERE

The first tour is a pre-Congress one on the morning of Thursday the 12th September, returning back well in time to register and attend the Congress. In order to participate you should arrive to the Congress hotel the day before, i.e. the 11th September. You can relax in Larissa and next day join the tour. The cost of it is 180 euros and covers an extra day at the Imperial Larissa Hotel, the one and half an hour transfer to Meteora, the guided tour and a snack. It also covers the participation of one accompanying person.

The second tour is a post-Congress one on the morning of Sunday the 15th after the end of the Congress. It costs 50 euros per person, as there is not any extra accommodation. In summary, there are two alternatives: A more expensive and but more relaxing one not rushing from Athens to Larissa in time to attend the start of the Congress, and a cheaper equally interesting but less convenient one. Please choose and let us know the latest by the end of July in order to secure rooms for the extra day before the Congress.

On the evening of Thursday the 12th the opening ceremony will take place at the hotel. On the evening of Friday the 13th a Gala Dinner is arranged and on the evening of Satur-day the 14th at 20:00 a Ceremony in honor of Hippocrates (In the Courtyard of the histori-cal Mill of Larissa “Mylos” will top the end of the Congress.

We hope you will enjoy all of it.

Prof. Ioannis Stefanidis     Prof. Athanasios Diamandopoulos
President of the Congress     Chairman of the Scientific Committee.

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