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Transfer Information

  Transfer Information

Schedule for transfer to and from Larissa
from the Athens / Thessaloniki air-ports

Dear Colleagues,

Here are the details about your transfer to and from Larissa. In summary we strongly pro-pose to use the express railway in a first class wagon. The cost for the organizers is roughly the same with hiring a van. However, there are some advantages in our proposal. This line was inaugurated just two months ago and covers the distance Athens-Larissa in two hours and fifty minutes, while the by land journey takes roughly four hours. Moreover, there are very frequent departing times, while even if we had arranged for a van few of the participants would have to wait in the airport for several hours or to miss the beginning of the Congress. Also, you can move around inside the train, visit the toilet etc.

Because some of the participants may found uncomfortable to travel by train, we ar-ranged for a bus to collect on the 12th Sept. at 12.30 pm from the Athens airport and at 14.30 pm from the Thessaloniki one everyone landed there already and transfer them to Larissa.

The transfer from the airport Makedonia (SKG) at Thessaloniki to the local train station can be arranged after contact with congress travel agent Mr Konstantinos Karras. (

In order to smoothen your transfer, it is vital to inform us about the exact dates and times of your arrival and departure, the latest by the 15th August.

We hope you will enjoy all of it.

Prof. Ioannis Stefanidis     Prof. Athanasios Diamandopoulos
President of the Congress     Chairman of the Scientific Committee

  Public transfer info

Directions from Athens (ATH) and Thessaloniki (SKG) airport to the congress venue (Larissa Imperial Hotel)

Train transportation from Athens and Thessaloniki to Larissa is available
● Thessaloniki-Larissa duration 1h32m
● Athnes-Larissa duration 2h50m

    Transportation from airport to train station: ( FROM:AIRPORT TO: SKA STATION, SUBURBAN RAILWAY EVERY 1 HOUR, DURATION 31min) PDF
For train schedule board and ticket reservation please click the link below: HERE
    For the train schedule board please click the link below: HERE
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