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Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to Larissa and the XIth IAHN Congress. Over the last ten years, the Association has held 10 very successful Congresses and has published their proceedings in illustrious Journals. This was achieved by the continuous efforts of the past IAHN Presidents and the Presidents of the consequent Congresses. We hope that the current Congress will follow in the same lines. We have on our side two factors.

The first is the location. Larissa is in the centre of Greece and in its most fertile region. It has a rich History. Mount Olympus, the seat of the twelve Olympian Goods is at a stone’s throw distance. The same stands true for the mount of Pelion, where in its forests Chiron the Centaur, the half horse-half man teacher of Asclepius lived. And in Larissa’s periphery Asclepius was born and Hippocrates died. In early modern times, the area was the cradle of the Greek Enlightenment in the 18th/19th centuries. One of its representatives, Pyros the Thessalian, the clergyman/doctor and inventor, was strongly attached to this land. Now, the Medical School of the University of Thessaly is an active hub for teaching, research and clinical practice.

The second is the enthusiastic support to our work in the Organising and Scientific Committee by all the IAHN Members and several non- members. We warmly thank all of you who came from close by and far away, from Greece, Turkey, the European Union, North Africa, the Middle East, Australia, China, the States, Mexico with the aim to discuss and promote the subject of our love, the History of Nephrology. And last but not least to meet again old friends and to acquire new ones. We thank you all and wish a fruitful and enjoyable Congress, which includes relevant topics from Early Antiquity till the roots of the very last modern technologies that write the History of tomorrow.

Ioannis Stefanidis
President of the Congress
Athanasios Diamandopoulos
Chairman of the Scientific Committee
Professor of Internal Medicine – Nephrology,
School of Medicine, University of Thessaly,
Larissa, Greece
Honorary Professor of Internal Medicine,
EKPA University,
Nephrologist – Archaeologist,
ex-President of the IAHN and ISHM
Copyright 2019